Samatic 10-in-1 Digital Motor Tester



  • Samatic10-in-1 Digital Motor Tester

    · SurgeTester , the most advanced of its kind.

    · Hi-Pot (non-Destructive DC) Megger -up to12,500 Volts.

    · PI (Polarization Index) Recorder,Analyzer& Curve Plotter. Precision of 0.01 Micro-Amp.

    · Winding Resistance Tester. Automatic-Temperature -compensated. Auto Ranging . Precision and steps of of 0.001 Ohms.

    · ArmatureTester, with patented Yoke fixture.

    · Single Coil Comparator , for automaticcomparison of any type or size coils.

    · Broken/Damaged Rotor Bar Detector

    · STEP-TEST Tester- with Auto or Manual Ramp-up. From 0 to 12,500 Volts

    · Memoryto fully keep 12 tested Motors insidethe Swimet Software(windows based) to easily send test results from the memory ofthe tester to any PC and into your letterhead and/or records.

    · Self Calibration reference sub-system

    · Bright,Sharp, LCD screen(not a breakableOscilloscop tube) .

    · " Put it in Words " TM -The screenshows the motor curves PLUS the analysis , in numbers of the damage, based onthese curves.

    · Rechargable , portable Printer.

    · Built-In Armature Testing module with thespecial Yoke Attachment.

    And unlike any other tester - its all Automatic, Auto-Ranging,Auto-Calibrated, Menu selected testing! You select the desired test, push theStart button and the test is done,displayed and memorized.

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