ECR444 Thompson Technology Inc. Automatic Backup AC Generator Engine Controller



  • Thompson Technology Inc. ECR444 Automatic Backup AC Generator Engine Controller
    12 or 24 VDC

    The ECR444 is a self-contained Automatic Engine Controller designed to mount easily in any type of control enclosure. The mounted ECR444 presents an attractive faceplate to the exterior, upon which are mounted all switches and indicator lights. The ECR444 internal speed switch provides crank disconnect and overspeed signals and senses from a magnetic pickup or transformer type input. ECR444 led indicators are used for visual indication of faults, "automatic on" and starter disconnected. All ECR444 adjustments for timers and speed switch are front-accessible through the faceplate. Connection of the ECR444 to external control wiring is via a single plug-in connector. Optional ECR444 features include cyclic cranking and remote fault reset capability.

  • Thompson Technology Inc. ECR 444 Automatic Backup AC Generator Engine Controller - Self contained modular design - Run, Crank & preheat relay outputs - Built-in electronic speed switch - 12 VDC or 24 VDC available - Solid state timing elements - Plug-in wiring connection - Internal fuse - "Fail-safe" fault circuits - LED fault indicators - Remote fail alarm output - Full complement of time delays - All adjustments front access - Air-flap pilot output signal on overspeed. - "Crowbar" circuit for overvoltage protection - Individual alarm contacts (optional)

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