02250081-361 Supervisor Supervisor 1 02250081-361 Compressor Controller



  • The Sullair Supervisor 1 - P/N 02250081-361 Compressor Controller






    The SullairSupervisor 1 - P/N 02250081-361 replaced the standard Electro-Mechanicalcontroller of pushbuttons switches and gauges.






    The SullairSupervisor 1 - P/N 02250081-361 control panel consists of displays forpressure, temperature, time (run hours) and a status message. The defaultpressure displayed is line pressure (line pressure) with touchpad selectionsfor sump pressure, fluid pressure, separator differential and fluid filter differential.The default temperature displayed is unit discharge temperature (T1) withtouchpad selection for injection fluid temperature. LEDs provide a graphicillustration of the points being monitored.






    Operatorcontrols consist of EMERGENCY STOP, ON/OFF, monitor display pads andprogramming pads. All compressor control, pressure and temperature displays areprovided in the Supervisor 1 - P/N 02250081-361.






    • The line(terminal) pressure transducer (P2) is connected to the dry side of thereceiver downstream from the check and continually monitors the plant airpressure.
    • The sumppressure transducer (P1) monitors the sump/unit discharge pressure.
    • Injectionoil pressure (P3) monitors oil pressure at the point of injection into thecompressor downstream of the oil filter.
    • Filter oil pressure (P4) monitorsoil pressure ahead of the oil filter and is used with P3 to calculate oildifferential: P2 = P4 - P3.
    • The discharge temperatureprobe (T1) monitors the temperature of the air leaving the compressor unit. Forboth air cooled and water cooled compressors the normal reading isapproximately 180 ºF (82 ºC) based on 80 ºF (27ºC) ambient temperature.
    • The injection temperature probe (T2)monitors the temperature of the fluid just before it is injected into the unit.
    • The air filter maintenance switchmonitors the condition of the air intake filter. When the Supervisor displaysthe message AIR FILTER MAINT RQD, filter service is required.
    • The ON/OFF pad turns the compressoron and off.


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