D100CR20A EATON CUTLER-HAMMER D100CR20A 20 I/O Air Compressor Controller



  • EATON CUTLER-HAMMER D100CR20A 20 I/O Air Compressor Controller

    EATON CUTLER-HAMMER Main Part Number: D100CR20A

    Manufacturer Number: D100CR20A AIR COMPRESSOR CONTROLLER

    Additional Part Numbers: CUTD100CR20A, 10486996, 78211354793, D100


    Technical Information:
    The EATON CUTLER-HAMMER D100CR20A works with either the BARKSDALE 1B12S-23F-TH-Q2 or the BARKSDALE 1B12S-23F-TH-Q4, or the 1B12S-23F-TH-Q8  Temperature Controller.

    The EATON CUTLER-HAMMER D100CR20A is a 20 I/O Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with a manual and high-speed counter and an expandable analogu input .

    The EATON CUTLER-HAMMER D100CR20A is a stand-alone controller with its own Central Processing Unit (CPU), memory, power supply and input/output circuitry with terminals. It also has a 1K RAM memory and a backup battery.

    The EATON CUTLER-HAMMER D100CR20A Controller  can also be upgraded to have analog capabilities, by connecting an Analog Input Module to it before connecting any installed expansion module; this must be done to give the controller two analog inputs.


    The two analog Inputs thus added does not affect the controller’s overall I/O count. Each analog channel with twelve set points has three input ranges: 0 to 10 Volts, 0 to 5 Volts, and 0 to 20 milliamperes DC.

    Analog signals are converted to a register value and then stored in an assigned register. Each of the twelve registers is assigned preset values. The signal register is repeatedly compared with these preset values in the registers, in order to control circuits in the system.

    The EATON CUTLER-HAMMER D100CR20A's  total 20 I/O ports, comprised of 12 inputs and 8 outputs, with a system maximum of 24 inputs and 16 outputs. This module’s power supply is 115 Volts AC and its inputs are 24 Volts DC, while this module’s outputs are a relay type. Its input current ratings are 10 mA (120 Volts AC, 60 Hertz), and its maximum OFF and ON delay is 15 milliseconds, at 100 Volts AC.

    The OFF and ON level is 25 Volts AC and 75 Volts AC respectively and capable of withstanding a voltage of 1500 Volts AC per minute.

    The high-speed counter in this controller has a special connector for the count, as well as hard rest input terminals. The counting speed is 4 kHz while the minimum count input and the hard-rest input pulse widths are 100 µs and 6 milliseconds respectively. The counting range is 4 digits decimal or 8 digits decimal, as selected by the user. Comparison points in 4 digits and 8 digits mode is 30 and 15 points, respectively. 

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