PN: 140265-3B Annunciator Quincy QSI 1000 PN: 141813 Power Sync Compressor Controller PN: 140265-3B Annunciator Board



  • Send in the complete box. The Relay card which is mounted externally to the box must be sent in as well.

    The pressure transducers are in the box and we can test them.

    The tempetature transduces are external to the box. If you want them tested please include them.

    PN: 140265-1B Quincy QSI 1000 Box: 141813 Power Sync Controller Complete

    Box Complete
    Quincy QSI 1000 141813 PN: 140265-1B QSI 1000 Quincy Power Sync Complete Controller

    Microprocessor Board
    PN: 140265-01B / 140265-1C Microprocessor Board

    Relay Board
    PN: 140265-4C Relay Board

    Display Board
    PN: 140265-2A / 140265-02AA Display Board

    Annunciator Board
    PN: 140265-3B Annunciator Board

    Line Filter
    Amber Industries Inc. A1-101A-CM Line Filter

    Power Supply
    Pioneer Standards Inc. VAD610558 Power Supply

    Pressure Transducer
    Setra PN: 209140-08-QCY 0-250 PSIG Excite: 12 VDC Output: 1-5 VDC Pressure Transducer.

    Temperature Transducer
    Temperature Transducers RTD: Read approx. 105 ohm at room temperature.

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