Y11HEX01.00 FS CURTIS Modeltype: AirMaster Q1 Y11HEX01.00 bus RS485 Optimized for Rotary Screw Compressor Controllers

MEI International

  • Y11HEX01.00 FS CURTIS Modeltype: AirMaster Q1 Y11HEX01.00 bus RS485 Optimized for Rotary Screw Compressor Controller

    FS CURTIS Y11HEX01.00 AirMaster Q1 is a "mid-range" member of the AirMaster family ideally suited to positive displacement rotary screw, vane and piston compressor or vacuum applications.

    Using the powerful CMC ARM CORTEX-M3 processor from NXP, FS CURTIS Y11HEX01.00 AirMaster Q1 algorithms are designed to ensure efficient operational configurations enhanced by PLC options when required.



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